Ioanna Mintilogliti

Ioanna Mintilogliti

Ioanna Mintilogliti was born and raised in Patras.  From a very young age she took up her studies in music, which she completed with a unanimous “Distinction”, at the National Conservatory of Athens.  

She has attended a lot of music-educational seminars and piano seminars next to Munier, V. Tsopela, M. Cherogiorgou and her favourite teacher, Alexandra Papastefanou, with whom she prepared her degree.  She also attended choir seminars with A. Kontogeorgiou, D. Ktistakis, A. Ploka, S. Gioldasi, N. Efthimiadi and M. Meligopoulou.

Since 2014 and every summer she has attended the lessons of the summer academy in choir conducting at the Ionian University, with the best conductors from around the world, such as Dr Andre Thomas, Zimfira Poloz, Maria Guinand, Doreen Rao, Yoshihisa-Mathias Kinoshita.

Since 1993 she taught piano and theory at conservatories in Patras.

Since 1999 she has been working in state education.  In 2007 she was a trainer for the New Teaching Packages of the Ministry of Education. 

Since 2011 she has been a music teacher at the Experimental Junior High School of Patras University, of which she has been Chairman of the alumni association for many years.

The choir of the Experimental Junior High School of Patras University Canto Experimental, which she conducts, has cooperated with ASON and its conductor P. Sergiou, with the Byzantine choir of the Polyphonic Choir of Patras, with group 94 with the topic Ernestos Chiller “The Architect”, with N. Touliatos in the framework of the programme Eduweb.  It has also participated in choir festivals in Karditsa and Servia where it received the third prize.  It has also participated as a lab choir in conventions, in 2015 in Patras with M. Meligopoulou and in 2016 in Larissa with D. Ktistakis.  It has also framed with its participation poetry evenings, like the one with Elias Gris, and book presentations like the ones by Tenia Makri and G. Papadopoulos with whom she cooperated by presenting his work “Dream Roads”.  Finally, it has participated in literary competitions and radio festivals, etc.

Α moment of honour was the invitation of the choir from the TV programme “Cheers, guys” on New Year’s Day of 2016.

One of the most important moments was the organization together with Experimental Junior High School of Patras University of the first Panhellenic Conference of Art Education in the summer of 2015 entitled “Where you hear music … Modern music-educational approaches”.

As a teacher of Experimental Junior High School of Patras University she has participated in a lot of projects, conventions, Erasmus, school celebrations, often supporting co-operations among schools, too.  She has written the music for the song for Rion-Antirrion bridge, in which the lyrics were written by P. Psomas.

In 2019 she received the first prize with the group of students from Experimental Junior High School of Patras University in the “Meta-Morphosis” competition.

Since school year 2020-2021 she has also been teaching the subject “Skills Lab”. 

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